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Why Icon Exchange?

You Work Hard Enough Already

  • Contractor resources vetted by a team of medical professionals at your fingertips
  • Access to a steady stream of locum tenens and permanent positions
  • Personalized job placements or self-service options
  • Safe and secure healthcare credentialing app

Locum Tenens & Permanent Placement
Healthcare Staffing Is Our Specialty

With Icon Exchange, you're in control. Find jobs through one of our reps or look on your own through our online job portal. You can manage credentials anywhere there's a signal and gain access to a network of support and services curated by medical professionals.

Job placement is about matching skills and finding a workplace where you can do your best work with a smile. No matter if you're looking for short or long-term placement, we'll help you find what you're looking for with our selection of job and career opportunities.

Healthcare Credentialing Made Simple

Secure management for all your credentialing documents

  • Central and secure storage for all credentialing
  • Alerts for renewing licensing and credentialing
  • Send all credentials in one email

Free, easy, and no membership required. Download today!

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Our Network of Services

Living the 1099 life in healthcare can be difficult. This is why we assembled a network of dependable support with programs that make life a lot easier.

No matter where work takes you, our support system has your back. Click on each of our partners below to learn more.

Disability & Life Insurance

Not all disability and life insurance are the same. Get a plan designed to cover the specific demands of your specialty.

Expense Management

The spend management solution that gives you the credit you need and the software to manage it.

Business Start-up Services

Get the worry-free services and support you need to start and grow your business.

Continuing Education

Delivering education and training for the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program for CRNAs.

Artisan Gift Baskets

Delivering modern, sustainable, and scrumptious gift boxes that spread love and joy.

It has been a pleasure working for Icon Exchange so far. I wish I had made the switch sooner.

Michael K. - CRNA

I am very satisfied with Icon. They are transparent and have my best interest as a priority. I highly recommend Icon for their professionalism and integrity.

Oliver R. - CRNA

Healthcare with Heart

Giving back is central to who we are. Our partner organizations help improve the lives of people who need it most.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to sign up with Icon Exchange?

Signing up is easy.

  • A phone or desktop computer can be used –just download our app from Google Play, iTunes, or as a web app.
  • Follow the prompts to create an account by adding basic details like your name and date of birth
  • Then, upload your CV using either your device’s camera or an existing file (Jpegs, pdfs,

You can also reach out to us via email. One of our job placement specialists will help guide you.

What is it that makes Icon Exchange different?

This company was built to make working in healthcare make better sense. With Icon Exchange you get the perks of individualized service from one of our job placement specialists and the flexibility of using our free app, which is one place to manage credentials anywhere you go, find work, and connect with beneficial service partners who understand the unique needs of medical professionals.

You need a job placement partner who doesn’t just help you find work, but who also assists in other important aspects related to living the life of a healthcare professional, like insurance and accounting.

What if I get cancelled?

It can be frustrating when a job cancels, but sometimes it happens. That’s why we have a cancellation period. Each facility is different, so please consult with your recruitment specialist for more details.

What if I need to cancel?

Life happens and sometimes you have little control.We look at each case individually and always strive to work with you and the facility in determining the best course of action.

How do the partner support services work?

However you want. You get a curated list of vetted partners who have experience working with contractual healthcare workers. Our website and app provide easy links which help keep you organized.

There is no obligation to use our partners, but we highly recommend it.

What are the advantages of working through a locum agency?

Several.One is the agency will represent multiple opportunities in your region and nationally.This will ensure that you stay busy and work when you want to without unnecessary downtime.Additionally, we offer a range of support services including credentialing, paid malpractice (if needed) and licensure assistance.

How do I get licensed in other states?

Licensing across state borders can be confusing. Some states honor licenses from others states and some states do not. It’s the responsibility of the practitioner to get licensed, but our job placement specialists will work with you to help answer any questions.

Contact Icon Exchange

Send us an email and one of our specialists will be in touch.

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