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I enjoy what I do, I really do, and I certainly would use Icon again. Peggy's been just great. It's been very smooth, with the contracts and negotiations and everything. Icon is a good fit for me, all around!

Thomas M. - MD


My experience with Icon has been wonderful!! I can't say enough good things about them. There are a whole lot of big locum companies out there but Icon sets themselves apart by being truly focused on taking care of their providers. You really feel like you're working for a family business that has your best interests at heart! I would highly recommend Icon to anyone in the locum industry!

Asa P. – CRNA


I started working per diem at Icon in the midst of covid and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Icon quickly got me credentialed at three different sites. The process was easy and smooth. After working for another anesthesia company for per diem work, I choose Icon for their variety of sites and highly competitive pay rate. I will remain with Icon for those reasons and plan on picking up more and more shifts in the future. Icon values and respects the work you do as a CRNA. I would recommend this company for any CRNA.

Michael K. – CRNA


I am very satisfied with Icon. They are transparent and have my best interest as a priority. I highly recommend Icon for their professionalism and integrity.

Oliver R. – CRNA


It has been a pleasure working for Icon. From the leadership team to the administrative staff everyone is great. I would recommend them to any anesthesia provider looking for full or part time work.

Michael M. – CRNA


I’ve been working as a per diem CRNA with Icon for the past few months. I’m credentialed at a couple different places and all the sites are good to work at and they offer competitive rates. The credentialing process was relatively easy with the help of Michelle who is so good at keeping you updated and is on top of the process. And my experience with my recruiter Letty has been really great. She is very professional and always prompt with her response. She offers time to talk and discuss your professional and personal needs. It’s been a great experience overall and I’m always happy to recommend Icon to my colleagues.

Rita H. – CRNA


My first assignment with Icon Exchange was during the COVID-19 pandemic. I feel like I lucked out compared to what my colleagues had experienced with other agencies. Letty was prompt, straightforward, and gave me a great package all around. She was also a good ear for some troubleshooting when needed. I recommend Icon to any of my anesthesia colleagues any chance I get.

Mary M. – CRNA



The communication has always been super easy. The providers have been high-quality and reliable. I would recommend Icon to any anesthesia department looking for locum positions.

Dr. Matthew M. – Anesthesia Facility


I’ve been working with Icon Exchange and the team from Icon for over a year. The company is extremely attentive to our needs, offering high-quality staff consistent with our staffing gaps. I found them easy to work with and their communication was superb. I would definitely use this company in the future to provide locums and per diem anesthesia provider assistance.

Dr. David S. – Hospital


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